Saturday, 22 November 2014

Simple Kind to Skin Nourishing Body Wash - Review

A few weeks ago whilst in Boots, I decided to buy some new shower gel, I usually use Radox Moisture Boost Shower Gel. I fancied trying something new, so whilst perusing the shower gel section, I noticed the Simple shower gel section, I chose the Nourishing Body Wash.
I don't know wether I'm really late to the party or that it is a new product, but either way it's new to me. I already use some simple products and have done in the past, and seeing as my skin is quite sensitive I decided to give it a go.

I have used this for some time, so you know it's a true review. 
The initial packaging is good - simple of course, which always makes me think that they take more time on the product inside the packaging. However I also go the other way, and love unique and exciting packaging. But seeing as the brands name is Simple it makes sense that they have such minimal packaging.


The smell of this shower gel, is well...none existent, but for sensitive skin this is a god send! I found that it was great because I could then use my scented moisturiser and it wouldn't create an odd mix of smells, it just focused on the moisturiser scent. It smells exactly the same as their face moisturiser, to give it a bit of context.

Simple Kind to Skin Nourishing Shower Gel

So it came around to using the product, and I thought I knew what to expect, you know as using shower gels now for near enough my whole life...I was wrong. When you think of shower gel you probably think of a soft luxurious liquid, however the Simple Nourishing Body Wash looks lumpy, yes lumpy!
A friend of mine explained that she thought it was the same texture of PVA glue, I absolutely agree. Such a strange texture! But I decided to persevere.

Using a purple puff to apply the Simple Nourishing Body Wash

First use

After lathering up the weird lumpy liquid, it actually went rather well, the texture changed into a really bubbly luxurious one - this restored my faith in the product! As there wasn't a scent afterwards I used my moisturiser and I didn't get a weird mix of smells, which I really appreciated.

Simple body wash after after being lathered up - BUBBLES!


All in all I think this product is very nourishing, however it doesn't feel as luxurious as other brands - mainly down to the fact there isn't any scent and that's what I feel makes something feel luxurious. The product is lasting a long time, as you don't need a lot for it to lather up. I would definetely purchase this product again. 

Have you tried any of the other Simple shower gels, are they the same kind of thing? Or have you tried anything else that is good for sensitive skin?

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