Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Isn't Gelato Just a Posh Word for Ice Cream?

Even though I feel that most people are over the gelato hype, I still love ice cream and it's been so bloody hot my friends and I decided to go to a local gelato bar - Tooti's in Southampton (Bedford Place)
A lovely bright parlour, with 4 booths where you can play retro games from Sonic to Tekken 3 along with sofa's and other places to sit and enjoy a sweet treat. 

mmmmm Ice Cream - Tooti's Gelato Bar Southampton
The usual suspects are on the menu - pancakes, waffles, ice cream sundaes and milkshakes, so it was a hard choice! In the end I decided on the Raspberry and White Chocolate Waffle - Y.U.M. 

Raspberry and white chocolate waffle at Tooti's Gelato
When I've been to other Gelato parlours I have felt sick half way through, however I demolished this! The waffle was so light and fluffy, along with fresh raspberries scattered across the plate, vanilla gelato with chocolate pieces and white chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

If you live in Southampton or you're ever here for a day trip, you should definitely visit Tooti's Gelato Bar, as it is just the best - that I've tried!

What have you been doing this summer to keep cool?

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