Friday, 18 July 2014

The RIGHTeous Body Butter by Soap and Glory

This body butter is da bomb!

I picked this up in Boots whilst looking around for a body scrub when I came across the Soap and Glory section. For you who don't know Soap and Glory are a UK based company who specialise in skin care and make up and I love them. The scent of each product is so different from the next and they all smell incredible! 

The Righteous Body Butter 500ml by Soap and Glory - Boots -  £10 (3 for 2 offer)

The Righteous Body Butter doesn't disappoint on smell, with Shea butter almond oil, aloe vera and pose hip seeds - basically it smells sweet but not sickly sweet. The lotion itself is so easy to apply, with the pump making sure you don't use too much at one time.

The Righteous Body Butter 500ml by Soap and Glory - Boots -  £10 (3 for 2 offer)
The lotion sinks nicely onto the skin, without having too use too much to feel the benefit. The scent also hangs around your skin for a long time, which is always nice. I love the feeling I have after using this product, it just makes me feel so fresh and relaxed, so thanks for making a great product Soap and Glory! 

Seeing as it was any 3 for 2 products in Boots, I also bought Sit Tight 4D as well as the Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub, which I will review soon!  Grab your Soap and Glory products now whilst they are still on any 3 for 2 at Boots! 



  1. It looks lovely! Good review x

  2. They do an arm version of Sit Tight called The Firminator and it's literally amaaaazing!

    1. Oooo, interesting! Does it do the same weird warm tingling feeling too? Might have to try it out!