Sunday, 9 September 2012

Please don’t go please don’t go I love you so I love you so...

Summer has nearly gone, but so glad there's been a few days of sunshine just before Autumn kicks in!

I've been working like crazy over the last few days, and now another 7 days of working commences in a few hours. I will take this time to show you an outfit I wore yesterday, where I went into town with my boyfriend to do some much needed window shopping. 
Which was probably a bad idea, seeing as 90% of the things we saw I really loved, this maybe because I swear this seasons clothes have been made for me; the studs, the deep purples, blacks, skulls, maxi skirts, blazers, leather....mmmmm.  
Seeing as it was a scorching hot day, I decided to go for a light look. Breaking out my River Island grey maxi dip back skirt which I haven't worn since my holiday in July! I love this skirt the only think is you've got to watch out when it's windy! They have now got it in other colours and prints on the River Island website, which is great. 

Note : My terrible tan line from Reading festival on the right hand photograph...

I teamed my skirt with my Topshop white basic neppy tee  which was £14. It's a great price for such a good quality Tshirt, it's also textured which makes it a lot nicer than a standard white tee, it is also a more slouchy fit, which I love! 

I decided to add this necklace to it, as I thought it was a bit too plain without it. It's such an old necklace; vintage I suppose. I think it was my mum's, but I've had it in my jewelry box for such a long time. I just never had anything I could wear it with, but now I think it goes perfectly with my outfit; it was worth the wait! 

I didn't want to wear much make up because of the heat so I'm wearing only Infallible eyeliner in Night Day Black by L'Oréal, which I bought in Boots. Along with bad gal lash mascara by Benefit which I got for free in Glamour magazine a little while ago. Got to love free makeup from magazines! 
I may not be on the blogging front a lot the next few weeks, as I have a massively busy work schedule this week, where I'm working literally every day! But I will try and do some blog posts! 
Hope you've had a great day!

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