Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Outfit - The Fluffy Bag

Whilst in Primark the other day I could not resist this beauty of a bag. It's fluffy and black and the gold hardware is just the best, so I had to buy it! 

Primary black fluffy bag

It was £9 which is a bit much for tiny bag from Primark but it's gorgeous. It also comes in dusky pink which is very tempting, but I would be worried it would show up any sort of dirt.

outfit post, fluffy bag, aline skirt, crochet top, long cardigan
I feel this bag is great for a night out but I have put it with a super casual outfit and I love it just as much. I am wearing my denim a line skirt from Topshop, along with a black quarter length top from Boohoo and my beautiful long line khaki cardigan from New Look. 

Outfit again but with no khaki cardigan  

I love this top tucked into the skirt, as it's so simple but the crochet sleeves are gorgeous. I wore black tights as it was a bit chilly along with black Astrix boots from Topshop.  

Close up of the fluffy bag from Primark

Close up of my Topshop Astrix Boots


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