Monday, 16 November 2015

Monday Must - The Premium Lace Dress

Oh wow. 
First off just look at this dress. Secondly note that it is actually a petite beautiful gown! When does that even happen?

I was just having a browse through the Topshop website, seeing as they have just launched their Christmas collection, among many gorgeous dresses on the site I spotted this beauty. This is a petite premium lace maxi dress, these words don't usually get used in the same sentence, which is making me really want to try it on to see how it fits.
However I would probably fall in love even more and seeing as its £160 and I would have no where to wear it it is just not going to happen - like most of my Monday Musts! 
This dress would be perfect for a posh party or even if you just want to make an impact at your works Christmas party! 
Have you seen any petite maxi gowns? 

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