Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Outfit - What does Felix, Mango and mood rings have in common?

It is Autumn! Yay. 

Wearing Mango, Topshop and New look

I wore this to a friend at works leaving meal the other day and I absolutely love it. Mainly because my new shoes had their first proper outing! 

Perfect kimono from Mango

I wore my really old Jamie jeans turned up, along with another really old top from New Look and my Mango long kimono. I love the print of this kimono it's just so simple and the big circle at the back is really unique (even if 10,000 -or however many were made). The tassels are the icing on the cake, nice one Mango. 

This mango kimono looks awesome when it moves

I've recently had my hair cut and I love the length, I was thinking of growing it but shorter hair is so much easier! 
I am also wearing my favourite rings - a mood ring (which is my 100% fave, but I would love a real gold one), I also have on two stack rings, this one you can see isn't supposed to be a midi ring but I think it looks really nice as one. As well as these I have a gold statement ring (which is on my other hand you can't see) but you can see it on striped top outfit post

Rings from Topshop, kimono from Mango and top from New Look

Now onto the main event, my brand new shoes! These are Felix lace up flats from Topshop, they were £29 which I personally think is a great price for such beautiful shoes! 
They have the perfect amount of point, as well as the snakeskin effect which is a perfect contrast to the smooth faux leather. 

Felix lace up flats

Don't even get me started on the little gold tips that are attached to the end of the laces - such a sleek way to make laces look pretty. They are pretty comfortable too, I am usually a size 4 but I purchased a size 5 as I have wide feet so the 4's were a bit tight. 

Felix lace up flats from the front, with roll up Jamie Jeans

I just can't stop looking at them! I've wanted some nice flats in forever, I never seem to find any that I like and fit nice- Ta da!
Are you ready for Autumn yet? 

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