Saturday, 6 December 2014

Secret Santa Ideas for under £10

It's getting closer to the big day and secret Santa's are filling up offices and other work places up and down the country. Usually secret Santa's have a limit on how much money you can spend, sometimes going up to £20 - depending on how much you ! Me friends and I are doing our own secret Santa, and we have decided on a £10 limit. This has given me the idea of showing you what you can get for £10. Which is actually very surprising - obviously you can't get all of this for a tenner -I wish!

I have picked out loads of different items from many different shops, some items are actually now on sale which makes them a great bargain for secret Santa's and also items that are just under £10 so you get a tiny but of change.

I hope this gives you some ideas if you're getting a bit stuck on what to get that woman in your office that you have said 2 words to in the time you've been there! Or just a little present for yourself!

Secret Santa Ideas for under £10

1. Jelly Cat Reindeer - John Lewis £7.50
This little cutey would melt anyones heart! It's only about 10 cm's high but oh holy he's adorable.

2. Cat in space mug - Topshop £7
No words except amazing.

3. Photo Cube - Paperchase £4
Great for anyone who loves to take photos - who doesn't?

4. Gingerbread man and reindeer hand warmers - New Look £4.99
Such an easy gift and cute too, a lovely alternative to gloves.

5. Penguin mug - John Lewis £5
Penguin + a scarf. What's not to love?

6. Secret Santa - Lush £9.95
For the last minute secret santa! Just pick this up with two pre picked items inside, one for the shower and one for the bath.

7. Eflie Selfie disposable camera - Urban Outfitters £7.50
Selfie - the word of the year. Plus some elves ..well it is Christmas. Perfect novelty present.

8. Santa Egg and soldiers set - Paperchase £7
So adorable, and healthy.

9. Christmas Tree hot water bottle - Urban Outfitters £7.50
Garish but also amazing. Urban Outfitters have a 50% off sale at the moment for many of their christmas novelty gifts, grab them whilst you can!

10. Santa socks - John Lewis £5
Free bauble, the socks are super soft as well!

11. The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar  - Lush £3.25
Look at him! Great for anyone who loves to be clean and loves penguins.

12. Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt - Lush £3.50
For that person who just LOVES glitter, with this there is no getting away from it! Seriously it gets everywhere, but it is also amazing - smells great too!

13. Molton Brown Body Wash Bauble - John Lewis £10
Bit more pricey but the smell is to die for! You could also use this as an actual bauble if you wanted.

14. Unicorn Hottie - Topshop £9
Erm Unicorn...this is all.

15. Christmas Bauble shot glasses - Urban Outfitters £6 
Another tacky item from Urban Outfitters, but for £6 you can't go wrong.

Have you got any secret Santa's you need to buy this year?

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