Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Leather on Leather - Outfit

I haven't done an outfit post in ages, but I braved the ex-hurricane today with camera in hand! I was a tad worried my tripod would fall over and break my camera, but thankfully no damage was caused by the pesky wind! 

I'm getting a bit bored of wearing jeans on my days off work, so I decided to wear my green pencil skirt from H&M, just for a change. 

Jacket - Escandelle Top - River Island Skirt - H&M Necklace - Primark Bangles - New Look Boots - Topshop

I paired it with a pleather t-shirt I bought from River Island ages ago. I think it looks really good with the skirt and gives it a bit of much needed texture. 

Contrast between the pleather top and the sleek green skirt.

I love the black with this shade of green, and how it looks casual but you could also wear this to the office - not that I work in an office right now, but for future reference! 

Love this Escandelle Faux Leather Biker Jacket, with gold hard wear 

I also wore this black and white pleather jacket, by a french brand Escandelle - which I have never heard of but I found this amungst my mums coats - yes it is my mums jacket. But I may have to sneakily wear it from time to time.

Statement necklace from Primark

I added this gold and burgundy necklace to my outfit, as I think it gives the outfit a bit of a colour pop. I love the burgundy as it is my favourite colour to wear in the colder months - well all year round really! 
I bought it from Primark and I think it was around £5-£8, for a statement necklace I think it's pretty reasonable. 

My trusty Astrix Boots from Topshop
Finally I wore my trusty Topshop Astrix Boots and a pair of black tights, as it was pretty cold today! 
Hello Autumn.

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