Thursday, 13 February 2014

Modcloth - Uniquely You Campaign.

Modcloth Outfit

Pink floral dress, £96 / Short coat, £54 / Fitted jacket, £39 / Brogue shoes, £27 / Dressy shoes, £20 / The Cambridge Satchel Company satchel bag, £105 / Ollie Nic faux leather tote, £64 / Dot umbrella, £9.68

I was very surprised and excited, when I was contacted by the lovely Amy over at Modcloth earlier this week. I was asked to be part of their Uniquely You campaign, so I thought I would give it a go. I had heard of Mod cloth before but never really had a proper look on their website, so after Amy contacted me I went straight over to their website. 
I LOVE IT! Oh god, it is full of such cute little things. (I'm not saying this because of the competition by the way, I genuinely love it) 

Anyway, for the competition, they provided me with one item, which was the Tango for Two Dress, then I had to use Polyvore to create a look by using up to seven items.

It was a tricky one, I'm not going to lie. The dress is gorgeous, but I found it difficult to find the correct navy and pink, this is why I added the mint green. However I actually really love the mint with it, I think it makes it really fresh with spring time vibes. 

I went for two looks in the end. The left look is more of the smart look, with the blazer, heels (which are my favourite) and the mint green satchel (also gorgeous!). The second look is more laid back, I used mint green flats, along with an oversized navy bag. I also decided to add a raincoat and an umbrella, as England is very rainy at the moment, so it shows you could still wear this dress even if the weather isn't great! 

What do you think?

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