Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Lush - Magic Wand

One of my birthday presents was this Magic Wand from Lush - it's sparkly, smells like sweets, it's star shaped and comes with bells attached! I love Lush and I was so happy that I was finally able to try out this product, I think they've done it for the last few years - could be wrong... but I just think it's the cutest. It also smells the same as snow fairy, which is basically everyones favourite scent from lush - amiright?
If you don't know what snow fairy smells like then its very sickly sweet fruity scent, and its so good! 

magic wand from lush close up

So I filled my bath up with perfectly hot water, and started swishing the wand around, I even put it under the tap to get it going a bit. The glitter started coming off and the bubbles started happening, there wasn't as many bubbles as say the comforter for example, but there was still a good amount of bubbles. The water also went a pastel pinky/purple hue which was gorgeous, I swear I took a photo of this but i can't find it anymore. 

***UPDATE - I've not used the left over wand and if you hold it under the water whilst it's running it creates hundreds of bubbles!****

magic wand from lush infront of a bath

Magic Wand is full of essential oils which left my skin feeling really moisturised and wonderful, the glitter also washes off which is pretty handy, seeing as I don't fancy walking around with bits of glitter stuck all over my body - however in hindsight that doesn't sound too bad! 
I can even use this again, which is even better - except less glitter this time, I can't wait. 
Have you tried any of the other bubble bars?

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