Saturday, 4 January 2014

Christmas Hamper gifts

I know this post is a bit late, however I didn't want to post it before Christmas (so they wouldn't find out what they've got) and it's been hectic for the last two weeks (uni work!) so this is why it is so late!

I really wasn't sure on what to get my mum and boyfriends mum for Christmas, so I decided to make them a little hamper each full of nice things. 
I got the cute hamper from John Lewis for £7 each, and the shredded paper was £2 for each pack (I bought one of each colour). So thats the main part, all I needed then was the bits to go inside. 

I chose to get a few gifts for each, all of which were under £5 each. You could put less items in the hampers and it would still look cute. 

In the hamper for my boyfriend's mum I included, a small bottle of pink cava, a bag of Salted Caramel puddles, a Lily Flame Candle, some Topshop socks, Darjeeling tea leaves and a Lancôme cleanser. 

My mum's hamper was a bit more expensive, as I included things she wanted for Christmas - the ear bud earphones and Michael Bublé Album for example. 
I also added in her favourite scent in the form of a shower gel, it works out cheaper than the actual fragrance however it means your scent will last longer during the day, which is helpful. Meaning my mum can use less of her perfume and still smell amazing. 

You can probably tell there is a few Lancôme items in the hampers, these were free gifts I received from them once I had purchased two things (which I gave to my sister). Beauty brands do this every so often, generally near to Christmas to get more and more people to buy into the brand. I was very thankful for this as it adds something special into the hampers. If you wanted to create a hamper like this for a birthday or anniversary present, you could still potentially get a few samples from a make up brand, just ask for a few samples - it pays to be cheeky sometimes! 

I wrapped each present individually and finished them both off with some red organza and a gold ribbon. I will be the first to admit they look very much like valentines day gifts! Not helping that the basket was in the shape of a heart, but they looked very cute. 

Taken from my Instagram page, Little_norris91 or click the link in the side bar
Did any of you receive a gift like this or even make hampers for friends or family?

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