Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Studs and Sparkles featuring Black Tied

I recently purchased my first piece of jewellery from Black Tied, an independent store which is based in Ireland. I had heard about their jewellery before through Lily Melrose's blog, where she near enough always wears something from Black Tied. I didn't know much about their jewellery, but after seeing a post from them on Twitter, about a particular 'blogger discount' I thought I may as well have a look. 
I saw they used real gemstones and metals, along with unique designs, which is a bonus in my book. After browsing their website for a while, I decided on two pieces, they go together perfectly, I know this as they are pictured together on the website. 
They arrived today, all wrapped up neatly in this lovely brown paper bag, each of the items inside were also packaged nicely in bubble wrap with a lovely 'thank you!' sticker on each. 

Both of the pieces are in rose gold, which is such a gorgeous colour and they are perfect with my fair skin. I originally wanted just the studded bracelet, however when I clicked the link it was pictured with this gorgeous gemstone bracelet. I just had to have both.

Whilst wearing the gemstone bracelet, I noticed the bright specs of light that surrounded the walls in my room. It is gorgeous, with millions of colours coming out of the stone. Meaning it will hopefully look great with most outfits.
Now that's what I like to see - versatility!
I'm hoping to buy some more of the studded bracelets, as they are just perfect. 

Has anyone else bought anything from Black Tied or any other independent jewellery shops?

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