Sunday, 18 August 2013

Bad Blogger

Hi everyone,

I have yet again been on a what seems like long hiatus, I have recently moved house and everything is still up in the air. My life seems to be going at 100mph and I can't get my head straight and I don't get to find the time to actually sit down and blog. At the moment it's 11.48pm and I've decided to tell you all why I'm not blogging at the moment.
I really do appreciate everyone who has stuck by me whilst I haven't been posting and I promise that when I get my head screwed back on and get a proper routine going again, I will start getting back to my regular posting self!

So what's actually been happening with me?

Well I moved house around about three weeks ago, and it has been a complete change of lifestyle for me. My new house, is completely different from my old one, I have moved to a place which has a 40 minute drive to work, uni and my friends houses.
So...everything is a bit of a mess, I don't seem to have time to just sit and blog or pop into town to see the latest bits hitting the stores. Window shopping basically. I am working full time for the summer, until I get back to uni in October, which is nice, but I can't wait to jump into my third and final (SCARY) year. I have so many ideas floating around in my head which I can't wait to tell you all about, all I'm going to say now is it's very exciting. Well I think it is anyway.

Please bare with me as I try and find my feet in my new area and things will hopefully get back to business as soon as possible. Oh and as soon as I buy myself a computer chair.
Thank you all again!


  1. I hope you settle in soon! And good luck with finding a computer chair :) I love your header by the way! x

    1. Thank you, I hope so too :) I found a chair today actually, good old Ikea. Thank you so much, it was a joint effort by myself and a friend of mine. x