Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Primark Haul - Homeware and accessories

Whilst picking up the striped top I wore in my last outfit post, I also went into the accessories and homeware sections as I just love love love Primark's homeware! 

Primark has definitely upped their game when it comes to their homeware, it has come so far in the last few years and now it is just on point. I picked up these two mugs which I just couldn't resist! The first says 'Good Morning Sun Shine' which is the cutest saying ever in a speech bubble and the other is a zip-zag triangle type design (the name for it has completely gone out of my brain), which is equally cute. The fact that the first one was £1.50 and the zig-zag one was 50p just made everything even better. 
The mugs themselves are quite long and slim, meaning you can still fit a really good sized cup of tea in them and the handles are the good type - any tea/coffee/hot drink drinkers will know that some mugs are just incapable of being held for a period of time without burning yourself! 

I also picked these little cute lights up (£6), I couldn't contain my excitement when I saw them. They are just adorable! I love that they are battery operated as I can put them anywhere in my bedroom - they will probably sit nicely around my mirror. 

I also picked up two bags, this one is more of a daytime bag (£8), with suede detail block at the bottom and the rest is fake croc faux leather. I love this, it is a perfect sized bucket bag with rose gold hardware, which is just perfection.  

I've wanted a new bag for a while, one that will easily fit all of my crap into and this one fits the bill nicely, without it being so big that I fill it with too much unnecessary stuff! It has a small zipped section at the front where I can easily fit my phone and keys etc -the things that always seem to disappear in your bag. Then inside the main bag there is another zipped pocket as well as those two mini pockets which you could fit cards or your phone into - I don't usually use these pockets but it's nice to have them. 

I also bought this clutch bag (£7) which is just so nice, I love monocrome way too much, and the fact it has the gold hardware across the front is just so unique and it adds that little something to the overall look of the clutch. The crosshatch design is just perfection, I love how it isn't a perfect crosshatch and that it a little bit messy, which means I could probably wear this casually if I chose to as well as adding an edge to an evening outfit. 
It also has a short gold chain so it can be used as a handbag too, but it is really short and comes just under my elbow if I was to wear it like that. 

Finally I bought this necklace, which is just so simple but so cute. I love the geometric simple style to it, you know when you need some jewellery for an outfit but you don't want anything too fussy...this. For £1.50 too it is just a bargain - I am fully prepared that it will probably turn my neck green because cheap jewellery always does but I will just have to wear it in short bursts. 

Have you been to the homeware section of Primark recently and spotted any bargains, or just general niceness? 

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