Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What I Wore: To a September Wedding

This weekend I attended the cutest wedding I've been to - like ever. The couple are lovely, the ceremony was cute, in a small church even the order of service was super adorable - complete with a tiny tissue attached just incase you were a little teary during the service. 

Order of Service, with a tissue just for those tearful moments. 

The reception was equally beautiful, all done by the bride and her mother, and they really did think of everything it was amazing. Weddings are great. Onto what I wore...

It was a bit of a tricky one to dress for because of the time of year, a lot of the dresses in the shops are for winter, but at the moment it's actually quite warm outside. 

Leaving to the last minute I managed to pick up a dress I tried on in Topshop about a month ago. I instantly fell in love with this dress, and I was so glad when it was still in my local store! 

Stripe Floral Pocket Dress £39 - Topshop
Colour block clutch bag £12.99 - New Look

This dress is perfection - the horizontal stripes in dark navy and white (a nod to nautical) along with tiny flowers across the dress, in light blue, dark navy and grey. The dress even has pockets and makes it feel like a casual dress, but it is also nice enough to wear it to formal occasions. 

I decided on some lovely accessories from New Look, first of all my clutch bag was £12.99 and has a beautiful colour block in white, light blue and black with a gold bar across the front. As it is a clutch it also has a gold shoulder strap hidden inside, which makes it great for other occasions when you don't want to hold onto your bag. 

I am loving New Look at the moment, for one they have just had a refit in my local store which I am so excited about getting some of my winter wardrobe in! Also their range of wide fit shoes has got so much better! You can now get so many different styles in a wide fit, which is a god send! 

I bought these chunky light blue shoes for £24.99 (also available in black!) and I didn't take them off all evening after dancing and standing on my feet all day, they didn't hurt at all! So well done New Look I applaud you! Along with the shoes and bag I also bought a set of bracelets for £4.99 - also from New Look. I also wore red nail varnish to add a colour pop to my outfit.

My boyfriend and I being all smart. 

My boyfriend wore his Topman suit which is in a navy with a tiny bit of grey checked (tiny pattern - hardly able to see it in the photo). I think he's looking really smart.


  1. Love the dress! It's casual enough to wear everyday, but it dresses up nicely for a special occasion. You go well with the wedding colors, too! I'd think something like this would even make good bridesmaid dresses, don't you?

    1. Thank you :) yeah that's why I thought of buying it so I can wear it again :) yeah they would make cute bridesmaids dresses! X